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    104301 - Lev 1 - BEVER

    Introduction to Water Skills. 3-5 yrs. Must be age 3 by the first day of class. Four year-olds who have passed a Level 1 class may go to Level 2. Skills include: Putting face/head under water, floating, blowing bubbles, gliding on front/back. To Pass: enter independently, bob unassisted; glide on front, roll to back and return to vertical. NOTE: in most cases, it will take a child more than one session of lessons to pass the level.
    --> Registration closes the Wednesday evening through the Thursday before the session begins. Registrations will re-open mid-morning of the Friday before the session.

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    Read Notice104301-07Lev 1 BV BB MWF 510p06/25/18- 07/06/18 5:10P- 5:40PM, W, F$33/$413 years to under 6 yearsBever ParkUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice104301-08Lev 1 BV BB MWF 545p06/25/18- 07/06/18 5:45P- 6:15PM, W, F$33/$413 years to under 6 yearsBever ParkUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice104301-11Lev 1 BV CC MWF 510p07/09/18- 07/20/18 5:10P- 5:40PM, W, F$39/$463 years to under 6 yearsBever ParkUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice104301-12Lev 1 BV CC MWF 545p07/09/18- 07/20/18 5:45P- 6:15PM, W, F$39/$463 years to under 6 yearsBever ParkUnavailableItem Details

    118801 - Intro to Guitar - Summer

    Have you ever wanted to play guitar? We'll teach you the basics, and have you playing in two lessons. Guitars will be provided.
    Ages 9-15

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    Read Notice118801-02Guitar 9-15yr M-6/1106/11/18- 07/16/18 5:30P- 6:30PM$70/$789 years to under 16 yearsNorthwest RecreationUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice118801-04Guitar 16+yr M- 6/1106/11/18- 07/16/18 6:30P- 7:30PM$70/$7816 years and UpNorthwest RecreationUnavailableItem Details

    118802 - Guitar II - Youth/Adult Summer

    Continue improving your guitar skills and learn more songs in this advanced guitar class. Completion of Intro to Guitar is recommended before taking this class. Guitars will be available for use.

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    Read Notice118802-02Guitar II Mon -6/1106/11/18- 07/16/18 7:30P- 8:30PM$70/$789 years to under 16 yearsNorthwest RecreationUnavailableItem Details

    302105 - Adult Flag Fball Winter/spring

    Put a team together and join us for no-contact, seven-on-seven flag football. Teams will play a five game season plus a postseason tournament. Team must be seven players 18+ yrs.. Teams will pay $15 cash/game/team for official Register by 5pm on 3/28/18.

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    Add to Cart302105-01Adt Flag Ftball04/08/18- 05/20/1812:00P- 4:00PSu$116.82Birth and UpCleveland ParkAvailableItem Details

    302202 - Adult Basketball Ind

    Join this league for all skill sets, full court with paid officials. Play one night a week (Mon Thurs or Sun) for a total of six games. Register for a specific team or as a “free agent.”
    register by 5pm on 1/11

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    Add to Cart302202-01Adult Basketball Ind01/25/18- 03/11/18 7:00P- 10:00PM, Th, Su$36.44/$42.9917 years and UpNorthwest RecreationAvailableItem Details

    302303 - Kyudo - Winter/Spring

    Kyudo is an art that has both martial and ceremonial influences and is prized as one of the oldest martial arts in Japan. This traditional form of archery uses an asymmetrical longbow, and emphasizes self-improvement and shooting as a group.

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    Add to Cart302303-02Kyudo 2/2502/25/18- 04/08/1810:00A- 12:00PSu$35/$4216 years and UpNorthwest RecreationAvailableItem Details
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